Pre-Cured Trade Rubber

What is Precured Tread Rubber?

Precured Tread Rubber is a rubber, which is one of the most resilient and durable types of rubbers manufactured in the rubber industry. These rubbers are very strong and therefore are used in a variety of industries especially the automobile industry. Arth Enterprise is one of the most preferred exporters as we have contacts with those precured tread rubber exporters who make use of precured tread rubber press for imparting superior finish. Such manufacturers insist on quality and maintain it as their priority.

Uses of Precured Tread Rubber:

There are many uses of tread rubber in the rubber industry and most of it is actually related to the automobile industry. The rubber being strong, wear and tear proof and reliable is the best choice to make tyres of different lengths and width. The stringent tests of quality, which are done by Arth Enterprise makes the exported items the best to make tyres for various types of cars and automobiles. Apart from the automobile industry, the rubber is also used to make conveyor belts as well as belts for the escalators too.


There are many benefits of precured tread rubber in variety of industries. Here are few of the imperative benefits such as:

  • superb tread wear
  • ability to get maximum mileage out of it
  • solid enough and thus prevent chipping and chucking
  • high wet traction rate
  • rate of heat build-up is low
  • does not age easily
  • rolling resistance is extremely low
  • contributes heavily in terms of fuel consumption

Quality Maintenance of Precured Tread Rubber:

Arth Enterprise is one of the precured tread rubber manufacturers, which is known for its quality. We export rubber, which is of the finest quality and made from the best chemical of a very high grade. We use high-grade alloy molds for precured tread rubber press in order to impart perfect finish to the pre-cured rubbers. These rubbers are of high quality and are thus suited for a wide variety of purposes that include heavy weight vehicles and commercial light cars.