Natural Rubber( RSS-4 & RSS-5)

What is natural rubber?

Rubber is obtained from the rubbertree, which is a native of Amazon. However, natural rubber is liquid in its form and therefore cannot be used commercially. A pre-cured tread rubber is prepared after a lot of curing in the factory in the presence of chemicals to make it stable and occur in a form so that it can be used for commercial purposes. There are many kinds of such rubber or natural rubber RSS (ribbed smoked sheets) such as natural rubber RSS4 and natural rubber RSS5. Arth Enterprise is one of the very few natural rubber exporters who have been in this business and develop indigenous techniques in order to guarantee the quality of the product.

Benefits of Natural Rubber:

Arth Enterprise is therefore the most reasonably priced destination for exporting rubber among all natural rubber exporters. Our superior quality natural rubber RSS4 as well as 5 can be used for further processes such as vulcanization in order to make other superior quality products out of them as per the requirements.

Use of this Rubber:

Arth Enterprise has managed to carve a niche in the field of export of rubber sheets of natural rubber RSS5 quality. We are well aware of different international as well as destination country rules and regulations and comply with them for the smooth flow of consignments. We provide appropriate labeling and quarantine certificates for the destination country while exporting consignments so that they can be used accordingly.

Quality of this Rubber:

The curing of this naturally occurring rubber is done using a very sophisticated technology. Packaging of natural rubber requires great precision and expertise. We ensure that all the rubber sheets are packed in a manner so that there is no decline in the quality of rubber both during and after transit. We guarantee that each of the natural rubber RSS4 and 5 sheets are individually coated with bale coating mixture and talcum to prevent oxidation and thus deterioration of the product. Packaging is done in separate packing material before bundling them into secure protective sheets.