Disposable Plates

What are disposable plates?

Disposable plates are the plates for one time use. They are known as ‘use and throw plates’ as well. They can be made from any material such as paper, leaves etc. However, at Arth Enterprise, which is one of the largest disposable plates exporters, export quality use and throw plates, which are biodegradable and are made up of Styrofoam.

Uses of ‘use and throw’ plates:

There are many uses of such plates including during consumption of food or even while traveling. Such plates can be used during the following:

  • During informal parties
  • While traveling via buses or railways
  • For children
  • At restaurants and eateries
  • At hospitals or other area where hygiene is a concern
  • During picnics

Since these plates are available in myriad colors, shapes and sizes, therefore its popularity is quite high. Due to its ease of storage, disposal as well as use, these plates of the ‘use and throw’ variety have reached the zenith of their popularity.

Benefits galore:

Talking about use and throw plates, there are many benefits related to the plates. These disposable plates are quite in demand because of the following benefits:

  • Lightweight and thus does not add bulk
  • Easy to carry and transport from one place to another
  • Can hold liquids and/or liquid based products
  • Are easily available

These plates are quite hygienic as there is no need washing them and thus can be easily disposed.  Metal utensils are heavier to carry during transit and can get lost. These plates are available anywhere and in varieties. Hence, depending on the requirement of the client, Arth Enterprise can supply these plates and other related items to them.

Quality is imperative for us:

For Arth Enterprise, which is one of the largest disposable plates exporters, maintaining quality is imperative. We are of the opinion that quality testing of the items is more important than production. Hence, we spend most of our time in amassing technology, which will make the products’ quality better and raise the bar of standards that we have set for ourselves.