Shipping in modern days is no longer a nightmare for the exporters or the importers as they involve less risks and getting lost in transit. But, more than that, the shipment of almost everything happens in lesser time. The processing of full container loading and custom clearing and forwarding services take a bit longer time, but shipping still is the most preferred of the modes of transporting high volume of commodities like machine parts and heavy items in bulk. However, very few shipping and cargo providers help clients with delivering their products in time like Arth Enterprise.

Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL):

If you need to send across a huge volume or mass of commodities via ocean freight to clients across the world, then we would suggest you to check out Full Container Load (FCL). With this, you get the following features:

  • Exclusive control and right to 20 ft by 40 ft container solely dedicated to the shipper, either exporter or importer.
  • Sea freight containers are sealed at origin and then transported by a combination of sea/rail or road transport.
  • There are even refrigerated full containers loaded by the companies like Arth Enterprise.

In case of Less than Container Load (LCL), where your commodities may not take up full capacity of the container and still needs to be shipped. In that case, they can be shipped with other commodities in a container so that they reach the destination at the earliest and with utmost care.

The salient features of Less than Container Load (LCL) and their usefulness are mentioned below:

  • Palletized, crated or boxed cargo are sent by this system.
  • Arth Enterprise and other such shipping companies even take the responsibility to pick up the commodities from the client’s warehouses for the shipment with utmost promptness.

Arth Enterprise and Full Container Loading:

The full container loading requires a thorough professionalism in handling, as it is a matter of high risk and some amount of paperwork, for which this company is well known.